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Licensing/Document Management

We ensure that all of the homes we manage are properly licensed pursuant to their respective jurisdiction’s guidelines. This includes rent control exemptions; compliance with all lead paint guidelines, federal and local. We also prepare and provide monthly and annual tax documents for our clients.
documents management

Rent Collection

Receiving your rental income has never been easier as we offer our tenants an automatic debit feature through our website that withdraws rent from their account on the first day of each month.  The rent is then deposited into your account within 2-3 business days to guarantee a quick turn around time for accessing your funds. Monthly invoices are also available so that you are able to keep up with your checks and balances.

Turnover Repair between Tenancies

Move-ins and Move-outs can be stressful! As a result, your property manager’s attention to detail is key!  We perform the move in/out inspections to make sure that we take a perfect accounting of the work your vacating tenant left behind. This is critical for security deposit releases and getting the home ready for your new tenant.  Whether your turnover is to be performed in a day or a month, we will assure you that the process is organized and executed down to the smallest of detail.


Your property manager is only as good as the contractors they partner with.  Payton’s Place has established relationships with experienced contractors in all fields of service that are knowledgeable and reasonably priced with no markups or middle man fees.  All maintenance issues are communicated to the owner immediately and inspected vigorously so the matter is rectified in the most efficient manner possible.  In addition, clients are presented with multiple quotes from contractors in a timely manner to ensure that you save time and money.  Tenants have access to an emergency 24/7 call center so the support is always available.

Quarterly Inspections

We perform quarterly spot checks of the home throughout the tenancy to make sure your tenant is treating your home with the same care and respect as you would.  Detailed inspections are sent to the owner to read at their leisure.

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